Business cards are important. They are what connect you to your customers and potential customers. However, a poorly designed card can cause you to lose business. Check out these Business Card Graphic Design mistakes to avoid.

Using the Wrong Paper

The first thing you need to decide on when choosing business cards is the paper. Cheap paper leads to a card that doesn’t last well, and while glossy cards may look nice, sometimes people have difficulty writing on them if they want to add information. Watch out for odd shapes as well, because people will have trouble fitting them into their wallet or wherever they typically store business cards.

Making the Design Too Crowded

White space is your friend. A card that’s very cluttered is hard to read. You want to include the essential information without cluttering up the card too much. This may mean using a two-sided card or a folded card to fit your information. Keep the design as simple as possible with only one or two fonts and no more than one picture per side of the card.

Having Missing or Incorrect Information

Make sure to include all of the important contact information, such as your business name, your name, your phone number, your title, your email, and perhaps your website, address, and social media handles as well. If the information is outdated, create new business cards rather than crossing off information and writing new information by hand. This just looks unprofessional. The same is true of typos on the business card, so proofread it carefully before printing it.

Choosing a Design That Makes the Card Difficult to Read

Using a tiny font or a hard to read font can make it so some people can’t read the information on the card. The same is true for certain color combinations or having the card be too cluttered with information. Choose a professional color combination that is comfortable to look at and makes sense for your brand, such as the colors in your logo.

Having a Card That Doesn’t Fit With the Rest of Your Branding

You want to have a consistent brand, so avoid inconsistent branding. All of your company materials should use the same typefaces, logos, and colors, for example.

If you’re unsure of how to design your business card, you can seek the help of a graphic design professional. Many business card companies employ these professionals.